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Partner with the Centre for Marriage and Family by becoming a volunteer. Volunteers actively share their talents, skills and gifts to support families and build communities of life and love.


Volunteers can organise their own network of Families in Action, an association of individuals and/or families for families. They come together to pray and serve their communities. They can also help raise funds for the CMF mission. Families in Action can be centered in a town or suburb or pastoral area. Working along with the CMF, they enlist the support of churches and Christian groups to:

  • raise money to support families,,

  • promote CMF’s projects; and

  • enlist the help of others in their work                                                                                                                                               

Who can be part of Families in Action?

Anyone and everyone! If you have a heart for families --single, married, young or old---and would like to be or are engaged in ministry to families, then we invite you to become a member of Families in Action.

What do Families in Action do?

The activities of Families in Action may include:

  • organising and promoting events to raise awareness of and funds for the Centre for Marriage and Family

  • working in fellowship with as wide a range of Christian churches as possible,

  • promoting prayer for the work of Centre for Marriage and Family and families,

  • Facilitating faith formation and education for families;

  • Serving families in need.


Raising Funds

One of the important activities of Families in Action is to organise fundraisers in behalf of the CMF for the cause of marriage and family! There’s no limit to the ways funds can be raised. You can join a marathon, put up a bake sale, or ride a bike to help fund our projects. You can also organize fundraising events such as Quiz nights, auctions, dinners, coffee morning and sports tournaments. Your support and generosity will truly make a world of difference in accomplishing HEART, our objectives for marriage and for the family.

Organise Families in Action in your Area

Why not organise Families in Action in your own church, parish and/or pastoral area? You decide how many times you would like to meet and which CMF activities you would like to be involved in. To be part of Families in Action, please drop us an email and let us know of your availability and willingness to help. Your details will be placed in a database and we will contact you as soon as we can. So contact us and volunteer today.


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