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The family is the fundamental unit of society and it is the Church in miniature (the domestic church). Its identity and mission is bound up in God's plan for marriage and the family since the beginning of creation, and fulfilled in Jesus Christ to become an intimate community of life and love.  The future of the Church and of humanity passes through the family. 

The Centre for Marriage and Family is a Christian missionary organisation that was established in August 2014 to respond to this great call on the family and to provide support for them as they face challenges on their journey. Rooted in the teaching of Pope John Paul II on the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World (Familiaris Consortio), the Centre for Marriage and Family aims to help families discover their sublime dignity and glorious destiny in Jesus Christ that they may bear fruit for God's kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit and for the praise and glory of God the Father.



Created by God and redeemed by Christ,

families becoming more of what they already are—

an intimate community of life and love—through the power of the Holy Spirit


To build up the Christian Family as a community of life and love so that it may share in the life and mission of the Church of making disciples of all nations.


The Centre for Marriage and Family is a non- profit Christian missionary organisation  that seeks to strengthen marriage and provide support for families to become communities of life and love. It aims to provide resources to empower the family in the fulfillment of its Four General Tasks:

(a) Forming a Community of Persons

(b) Serving Life

(c) Participating in the Development of Society

(d) Sharing in the Life and Mission of the Church.

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