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God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage

Helping prepare engaged, married couples or couples contemplating marriage to embrace God’s plan for the sacrament of matrimony is an honor and a privilege. In today’s climate, it is also a challenge. Joy-Filled Marriage is a marriage program designed to meet that challenge. This program offers a comprehensive approach to marriage that covers not only the sacramentality and theology of marriage, but the practical life skills necessary to live out the rich Catholic vision of marriage.


This program consists of two components--Life Skills for Couples and God's Plan for Love. It will help participants:

  • Appreciate what the Catholic Church teaches about marriage, and why

  • Embrace the gift of grace that makes a lifelong, joy-filled marriage possible

  • Explore important topics, identify shared goals, and set concrete plans to build a joy-filled marriage

God's Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage 2024 final w.png

Come to the Joy-Filled Marriage Course - God's Plan for Love

Thanks for registering for the Joy-Filled Marriage Course- God's Plan for Love. See you there!

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