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WMOF Holy Family icon- Sts. Peter & Paul
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The doctrine of the Holy Trinity or the belief in Three Persons in One God is the model of the mutual sharing that should exist in every family, church and community. The relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is total and life-giving and the unity that they share is based on love.

The Holy Family represents the embodiment of family life - a father and mother united with their children in faith and love. Each one has their own particular role and place in the family and each one contributes to the well-being of each individual family member.

The image is that of the family against the backdrop of the Holy Trinity-- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is from the Trinity that the family originates and springs forth. The symbol of the Holy Trinity reveals Love, Unity, and Strength-- qualities which the family is called upon to emulate and to reflect. The circles around the family represent two rings which have been joined together as one. These two rings symbolize the union of man and woman in the sacrament of marriage. The One who joins them is the Vine who is Jesus Christ. He is the One Who holds them together and it is only in and through remaining in Jesus that the family bears fruit. The color purple signifies authority, kingship, wealth and royalty which points to the supreme dignity of the family made in the image of the Holy Trinity.


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