Ko te aroha tō tātou Whakatakanga:ko te Whānau e Kaha Ora ana

Love is our Mission: the Family Fully Alive  Ko te aroha tō tātou

Whakatakanga: ko te Whānau e Kaha Ora ana is a resource for

NZ families that condenses thousands of years of Catholic

teaching on human purpose, marriage and the family. It is based

on the preparatory catechism of the same title from the 8th World

Meeting of Families held in Philadelphia in September 2015.

The World Meeting of Families is the largest global family gathering

bringing together families from all over the world in faith and

celebration. It was conceived by St. John Paul II in 1992 to look at strengthening the sacred bonds of the family unit across the globe.


The resource consists of:

  • 10 topics that summarize what Catholics believe about human purpose, marriage and family;

  • Short reflections on each topic by Catholic New Zealanders that are engaged in ministry to families;

  • Discussion questions; and

  • Supplementary videos that feature a keynote address or talk by a resource person from the 8th World Meeting of Families that delves into and sheds light into each particular topic.                                                                                        

This resource is recommended for families, parishes and Christian communities. It is suggested that they read through the book and tackle each of the ten topics at a time and place that is convenient for them. This can be done in the sanctuary of one’s home or in a community centre or parish or by a small or large group of people. The reading of each topic is followed by the viewing of the video that relates to it and then a reading of the reflection and the questions for group discussion.




Created for Joy

The Mission of Love

The Meaning of Human Sexuality

Two Become One

Creating the Future

All Love Bears Fruit

Light in a Dark World

A Home for the Wounded Heart

Caring for Creation

Choosing Life

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The Centre for Marriage and Family is a non- profit Christian missionary organisation  that seeks to strengthen marriage and provide support for families to become communities of life and love. It aims to provide resources to empower the family in the fulfillment of its Four General Tasks:

(a) Forming a Community of Persons

(b) Serving Life

(c) Participating in the Development of Society

(d) Sharing in the Life and Mission of the Church.

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