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Leave a legacy fo families after you have gone by bestowing a gift to the Centre for Marriage and Family in your will. We promise to be good stewards of your money so that it goes to projects that will benefit the family, especially families and children most in need.


If you are about to make a Will

You may wish to use this as the wording if you are about to make your will:

"I give the sum of $_____ free of all duties to the Centre for Marriage and Family for the general purposes of the Trust. I declare that the receipt of the secretary or treasurer of the Trust shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s) for such a gift."


If you are not sure how much you would like to give or do not want to state a dollar figure, you may wish to state a percentage, or fraction of your estate, or leave the residue (after making provision for your family and other concerns) of your estate, or specified asset (s).


With inflation constantly rising, a set amount soon begins to lose its value and when it is finally paid out it may end up being less than you originally intended. Thus, stating a percentage or fraction of the total estate is a good option.

Already made your Will?

If you have already made your will and would like to include a gift to the Centre for Marriage and Family, 

the wording for a codicil will be something like this:

This is the (number of the codicil to the Will...e.g. first, second, third, etc.) codicil of the last Will of (name) of (place of residence) (Occupation) which Will bears the (date)___ day of ____ (month), (year). I want to add to my Will and insert the following clause: (No. of clause) I give to the Centre for Marriage and Family the sum of $_____ for the general purposes of the Trust and in all other respects I confirm my said Will.


Again please note that instead of naming a specific sum of money you may want to state a percentage, fraction or the residue of your estate or specified asset (s).

Thank you very much for your generous support for the work of the Centre for Marriage and Family.

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